We offer professional, long-term car storage in Hampshire.
Based on a high-quality, secure and dehumidified facility plus a friendly service.

Regardless of price, we understand that you trust us to look after your pride and joy so we have worked very hard to reassure you:

    • We have mechanical empathy and experience. While our storage services started in 2007, before that our family had a long history of racing, restoring, and maintaining a wide range of motorbikes, boats, and cars.
    • We own our property outright (i.e. no risk from leases, landlords or mortgages)
    • Our buildings are dedicated to car storage (i.e. not part of a barn, warehouse, or business unit)
    • Our buildings are automatically dehumidified to 55 – 60% Relative Humidity, fully insulated, and sealed (i.e. not just ‘dry storage’)
    • Our buildings are completely dark (i.e. no risk of UV damage or access via windows and skylights)
    • Our buildings are at a residential address in a private drive for improved 24-hour security (i.e. not on an industrial estate)
    • We aim to be friendly and flexible (e.g. a personal service and no contractual periods)
    • We make our prices very clear and competitive (i.e. no extras like ‘booking in charges’ and your rate is guaranteed for 5 years)
    • We never allow any maintenance or service on-site (i.e. no risk of damage or theft of your vehicle)
    • We have rewired the whole building and invested in heat detectors, fire extinguishers, CCTV, and a Grade 4 alarm system (i.e. the best available)



Our main buildings are sealed, monitored and permanently dehumidified to 60% RH.
In addition, we have a small section offering ambient storage.


To assist with security and privacy, we do not publish our physical address.
For planning purposes, we are near New Milton, Hampshire.
Our postal address is Post Office Box 7787, New Milton BH25 9ER.


To help keep our prices low and our security high, we only offer long term car storage.

As a result, we do not allow any form of service, exercise, maintenance or sale on our site.

For those needing regular use or ‘full access garaging’, we would be happy to suggest alternative companies.


We take the security of your car extremely seriously and have invested heavily in both physical and electronic prevention measures, including 24 x 7 monitoring.
In addition, our facility is in a discrete location on a private residential property.


We have a single Motor Trade Policy which covers our property, our business and your vehicle.
Our prices include insurance cover for your car up to a value of £100,000 (additional cover is available at cost).


We recommend delivering your car with half a tank of the highest grade fuel (e.g. Esso Synergy Supreme 99, which is available at our local garage).
We will add Sta-bil fuel stabiliser.
The low ethanol (<5%) plus our fuel stabiliser will slow fuel deterioration, our climate control will prevent tank condensation and upon collection, you can fill up immediately with half a tank of fresh fuel.


To help ensure the highest level of privacy and security, all sales activity is strictly banned.


While we do not allow any form of servicing on site, we are happy to co-ordinate the service of your car at your preferred dealer or suggest local specialists.


If required, we can fit a non-hygroscopic, loose fitting cover to your car free of charge.

Alternatively, you are free to use your own cover.


All cars are permanently connected to the most appropriate battery conditioner from the CTEK range.


To help prevent flat spotting, all tyres are inflated to 50psi (unless notified otherwise) using filtered compressed air.


As our focus is long term car storage, with a suggested minimum storage period of 6 months.


We can arrange an MOT test for your car at our local garage.
The Government MOT fee is £54.85 (VAT exempt).
To prepare, deliver, collect and return your car to storage, we ask for a £20 donation to charity.


We provide a comprehensive range of valet services.
From a simple ‘freshen up’ through to machine polishing and headlight restoration.
For more details please visit our Services page or contact us.


We are happy to accept restoration projects (e.g. rolling shells, jigs and crates).
Our new ‘dry storage’ area, which is a little cheaper, is ideal for these vehicles.


To help keep our prices low, we ask UK customers to pay for their storage monthly in advance by Standing Order.
Overseas customers may want to consider cheaper services (e.g. Wise) and/or alternative payment schedules.
Any additional charges (e.g. MOT) is paid in arrears.


We aim to offer the best value long term car storage in Hampshire.

Your storage price is guaranteed for 5 years and any subsequent increase will be no higher than inflation.


Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in all our pricing.
Some overseas customers may be able to reclaim this tax.


We offer free transport to and from New Milton Railway Station.


To help give you peace of mind, we are happy to show you around our facility and to discuss your particular requirements prior to storage.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting.


We believe that it is very important to give something back to society.

Thanks to our customers, we make regular donations to MacMillan Cancer Support, Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust and the Guide Dogs.

Customers also help us to support individual fund raising events at Little Haven Hospice, Oakhaven Hospice, London Moon Walk & Pier to Pier Swim.


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